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objective_rpg's Journal

Objective: An Ayn Rand RPG
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Ayn Rand RPG
The year is 1928 and the worldwide economy is slipping into a depression. Only a few wealthy elite are getting by without struggling. Because of the depression, almost all building and construction seems to have stopped. Architects are desperate for jobs. The country's most talented entrepreneurs are retiring and disappearing. Taggart Transcontinental is struggling to survive and expand.

Welcome to Objective, an Ayn Rand RPG. This is a roleplay game which takes places in the world of Ayn Rand. This means that within the game universe, all the characters in each book by Rand live together. You can play as either a character from a Rand book or an original character who could fit into the world. Go to objective_rpg to see who is taken and wanted and to apply.